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My Offer

Smart Newspaper motto:

"Research. Write. Inform. Entertain."



Good texts and articles are never free and are indispensable for a free, pluralistic community.
Prices on request. I will be happy to provide you with a quote.
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The prices of the editorial office Smarte Zeitung are based on fee rates

  • for competent journalism with thorough research, respectively
  • for creative copywriting (see also: Rates of the Copywriters Association).
  • Minimum order value: 300 euros.

The competence of professional journalists with a university degree plus job-specific training corresponds to that of other academic professions with sociopolitical relevance. For example, lawyers and tax consultants.

Many paths lead to good texts...

Research, copywriting, editing - contract work

Please let me know on which topic and for what you need a text.

Provide me with deadlines, length specifications and wishes regarding the focus of the content, if necessary also with keywords.

Or we can discuss what might be suitable for you.

By the deadline, you will have an appealing text and, if necessary, photos.

My alternative: Suggested topics based on continuous research - contract agreement

I suggest a topic that could be suitable for your medium:
If you agree, I will deliver the text - of course, exclusively for a fee.

My special offer: Prepared texts and researched topics

As a "smart newspaper", the Handel-Kempf editorial office also offers ready-made articles and researched topics that can be adapted to your medium. After arrangement and against fee you can publish selected texts.

The latter is interesting for newspapers, journals, magazines, but also for newsletters, blogs, customer or employee magazines.