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My Offer

Smart Newspaper motto:

"Research. Write. Inform. Entertain."


Good texts and articles are never free and are indispensable for a free, pluralistic community.

I will be happy to provide you with a quote. Minimum order value: 300 euros.

The prices of the editorial office Smarte Zeitung are based on the following rates

  • for competent journalism with thorough research, respectively
  • for creative copywriting (see also: fee rates of the copywriters' association).


  • Hourly rate: 95 Euro (plus VAT).
  • Standard page: 315 Euro (1500 characters).

The basis of the final invoice is the actual effort (plus inflation adjustment, if applicable).

The competence of professional journalists with a degree and job-specific training corresponds to that of other academic professions with socio-political relevance. For example, that of lawyers and tax consultants.

Text-to-order: research, copywriting, editing - contract work:

  • Please let me know on which topic and for which medium you need a text.
  • Provide me with deadlines, length specifications and wishes regarding the main content, if necessary also with keywords.
  • By the deadline, you will have an appealing text and, if necessary, photos.
  • Topic suggestions based on continuous research - order agreement
  • I suggest a topic that could be suitable for your medium:
  • If you agree, I will deliver the text - exclusively against payment.


  • As a "smart newspaper", the Handel-Kempf editorial office also offers ready-made articles and researched topics that can be adapted to your medium. After consultation and for a fee, you can publish selected texts.
  • Interesting for newspapers, journals, magazines, but also for newsletters, blogs, customer or employee magazines.