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The topics of the day:

from the current transformation of the working world and society, to political design and technology highlights, to switching off while playing tennis and reading

IT, politics, economy and climate change thematized

Not fake, but professional journalism.
Text. Research. Inquiry. Writing. Honest and direct.



Technology. IT. Politics. Economy. Cities. Transportation. Climate. Together in upheaval.

Tennis - makes life more beautiful. Sport, because we live now. But sometimes also: Tennis from Hell.

Digital lifestyle, digital working world.  Sustainably feasible and full of new opportunities.
Articles for your medium, for example well-researched stock texts, which you can publish for a fee, to be read via

Also creative text consulting.

Current 2022 - in your medium?

Life is becoming sustainable and digital in all areas. More and more digital data is being processed faster and faster.

Concrete applications are becoming visible: robots, artificial intelligence, drones, connected cars that will someday be on the road without a driver, the first areas for autonomous vehicles are emerging near us.   

I describe and write for you and your readers what current technologies bring and mean for the future of each individual, how they are compatible with climate change, how they could slow down the climate crisis.

The war in Ukraine:

The turning of the tide has caught up with us. In the energy and mobility sectors, too. We are prepared for this with innovative technologies and solutions. With smart and bold strategies, much can be changed, though unfortunately not everything can be reversed.

The corona crisis:

Reset of our accustomed life?
Return to "normality" or seize new opportunities - for the climate, for a restructuring of the economy, for new social accents
Resumption of everyday life with school, daycare, work, sports and leisure pleasures - where should caution still be exercised, what after-effects remain, should we retain some preventive measures - for example masks at mass events - in order to live healthier?
What measures and technical innovations help people and companies to operate as unencumbered and safely as possible despite pandemics?

Location advantage:
At home in the media and innovation city of Munich. And on the road for you as a reporter.
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